5 Week Update

5 Week Update of my Skinny Fat To Fit Transformation, Before and After, Front Side
5 Week Update of my Skinny Fat To Fit Transformation, Before and After, 4 Sides
5 Week Update – 5 Sides

My Body Stats on May 3, 2020: In comparison with The Beginning, this week My Body Weight had an increase of 3.3‬ lbs or 1.5 kgs, my Body Fat has decreased 2.1% which represents a Fat loss of 2.9 lbs or 1.3 kgs and my Muscle Mass has increased 1.5% which represents an increase of 3.9 lbs or 1.8 kgs.

The Workouts completed up to this point on my Transformation are Workouts # 19, 20, and 21. I did not complete workout #22 which was a Lower Body workout because I wanted to take a 3-day break.

My Body Composition Stats Table
May 3, 2020 (5 Week Update) in comparison from March 31, 2020 (The Beginning):
BODY WEIGHT4 Week Update100 %177.47 lbs80.5 kgs
FAT4 Week Update22.7 %40.3 lbs18.3 kgs
MUSCLE4 Week Update37.6 %66.7 lbs30.3 kgs
BODY WEIGHT3 Week Update100 %176.6 lbs80.1 kgs
FAT3 Week Update25.2 %44.5 lbs20.18 kgs
MUSCLE3 Week Update36.0 %63.6 lbs28.9 kgs
BODY WEIGHTThe Beginning100 % 172.18 lbs78.1 kgs
FAT The Beginning25.2 % 43.39 lbs 19.68 kgs
MUSCLEThe Beginning35.7 % 61.47 lbs 27.88 kgs
Body Measurements on April 26, 2020:
CHEST4 Week Update38.4 in97.5 cm
STOMACH (NAVEL)4 Week Update38.4 in97.5 cm
HIGH HIP4 Week Update37.4 in95.0 cm
HIP / BUTT4 Week Update39.0 in99.0 cm
THIGHS4 Week Update22.0 in56.0 cm
BICEP4 Week Update13.3 in33.7 cm
CHESTThe Beginning39.4 in100 cm
STOMACH (NAVEL) The Beginning39.2 in99.5 cm
HIGH HIPThe Beginning38.4 in97.5 cm
HIP / BUTTThe Beginning39.8 in101 cm
THIGHSThe Beginning23.0 in58.5 cm
BICEPThe Beginning13.0 in
33 cm
Photos of my Body Composition Measurements from my Scale on April 26, 2020 (3 Week Update):


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2 Responses

  1. What’s the update of June, July and more importantly 14 August update.

    I hope you are not right track and haven’t given up.

    1. Hi Loki,
      Thank you for your interest in my progress. I have not given up and still going strong. I did find it a bit challenging to post my progress on this site but I will try to come back to it. I just started an Instagram account and will try my best to keep posting my daily workouts and my photos, if you want to find me on Instagram my handle is: skinnyfat.tofit
      Hope to see you there soon!

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