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While I’m sitting here in the airport in Atlanta listening to classical music with a little boy watching me type this on my iPhone, I thought to myself don’t forget to share your travel food experiences with your followers. I feel like all of my readers have inspired me so much that I’ve become so dedicated to writing promised entries. I even find myself thinking that in the utter chaos of a lady just spilling her drink in front of me, a small boy pulling on the back of my chair and his dad walking back and forth in front of me so close he almost touches me, and not to forget the frustration of trying to write this on an iPhone which changes every word on me, I say to myself what kind of example would I be especially in the blogging world if I sweat the small things in anger or don’t practice what I preach here . I mean clearly everyone knows that stress is not healthy.

Anyways, moving past the rant….

What I really want to share is some travel tips for gluten free eaters.

1. Find a Cibo express at the airport you can find dried fruit, healthy waters , dairy free chocolate if you want a pick me up, and gluten free and dairy fee bars I discovered Pure brand bars here.

2. If you cannot find a Cibo find a Starbucks and not for the coffee(don’t over-do Starbucks on trips because the drinks you will want are calorie filled and sugar loaded and you will end up doing more damage than good) but for Kind bars or Two moms which is a great brand of gluten fee, dairy free raw bars.

3. Don’t drink Naked brand juices these things look healthy but just take one look at the sugar and you will put it down

4. Ask at restaurants , there is hidden premixed flour in a lot of foods

5. Drink as much water as you can!

6. Get some emergenC you will lesson your chances of getting sick

7. Try not to stress, meditate!

Those are my travel suggestions right now. Have any of your own share them with us!

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