7 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

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7 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

By: Alisha Cutter

There are several tips that a person can use to make their fitness routine more fun, but here are my favorite seven!

1. Enjoy Being Outside
This is simple, because there are plenty of trails and paths all over the place that a person could run or walk on. The better the person’s scenery is, the more likely than are to enjoy their exercise. A person could also work in their garden for a few hours. They would probably be surprised to see how many calories they could burn by just planting some flowers or tomatoes.

2. Exercise Socially

Invite a friend (or a few) to come and exercise with you. This is a great idea, because you’ll likely be too distracted by the fun you’ll have chatting to notice that you’re exercising and burning calories in the process.

3. Use Music
Cranking up your favorite music is really going to get you up and moving around. Studies have shown that music provides a sort of adrenaline, and often results in exercising more than you thought you would. Furthermore, time goes by a lot more quickly when you are listening to your favorite tunes!

4. Set Goals
Once you have met a certain goal, reward yourself. This will allow you to set even more goals and you are probably going to lose a lot more weight this way. As long as a person stays focused on their goal, then they can reward themselves with whatever that they want to. Though there’s nothing wrong with the occasional oral indulgence, you should probably stick to rewarding yourself with a new outfit or a weekend getaway.

5. Involve Loved Ones
There are a lot of different you can do with your family that will help you to lose weight, whether you are inside of the house or outside in the yard. Some of these include basketball, volleyball, badminton, and horseshoes. Indoor activities include ping pong, air hockey, billiards, and many other types of games that the whole family will enjoy.

6. Get a Pet
Having a pet is a great way to exercise and can also help you forget what you’re doing! As long as you have a little buddy with you, stopping to take a breather will be much more enjoyable, as will going for longer walks or runs. You don’t want to let them down, do ya? They can also be helpful if something were to happen, like if you tripped and fell.

7. Train For a Race
Knowing you’ll have to perform is a great motivator. Often, people complain that they have nothing to work towards, so they have no reason to go to the gym. Well, knowing that people will watch you finish a 5k is a great way to make sure you stay on track. Sign up with a friend, so that you won’t let them down on the big day!


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