The HCG Diet Explained

The hcg diet was originally developed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950’s but since has become increasingly popular, especially since Dr. Oz promoted hcg on his hit television show. Below is the currently recommended hcg diet protocol. It is important to decide whether or not you want to take hcg injections daily by your doctor or if you want to buy hcg diet drops. A great place to buy hcg drops is HCG Comprar.

26 Day Round of HCG Dieting

The hcg diet is a diet is typically done in rounds of 26 days. Each round requires about an 8 week rest period before doing another round, since dieters lose an average of 1 pound per day. This is important because your body may be low on specific nutrients after that 26 day period. 8 weeks is an ample amount of time to maintain your weight that you lost and give time for your body to get used to the calorie intake required to maintain that weight.

HCG Diet Phase 1

The hcg diet is broken in to 3 different phases. The first phase actually begins before the 26 days of dieting. During this initial phase, dieters detoxify their bodies so that when they lose weight, they don’t feel sick. It is always important to do a detox before any fat burning diet so that toxins aren’t released in to your body while burning fat.

HCG Diet Phase 2

weight loss The second phase of the diet starts with two days of high fat consumption. Yes, you heard me correctly, dieters are supposed to stack up on as much fatty foods as they can within those first initial two days. This is done so that the dieter will have sufficient fat reserves for the body to burn before the hcg begins to “kick in”. After 2 days of dieting, then there is a 24 day period of what people often refer to as the “low calorie diet” phase. During this part of phase 2, the dieter regulates his calorie intake anywhere from 700 to 1500 calories per day, depending on the individual and their weight loss goals. The 800 and 1200 calorie diets are the most popular of the dieting plans. After 21 days of a low calorie diet, the dieter stops taking hcg but continues their low calorie intake for another 3 days.

HCG Diet Phase 3

The third phase of the diet is the part of the diet that many people overlook, though it is the most important of all the phases. During this phase of the diet, the dieter weighs themselves daily for a minimum of 3 weeks following the 26 days of consuming low calories. The dieter needs to stay within 2 lbs of their weight in order to maintain the weight that was lost in phase 2. If the dieter exceeds 2 lbs, then they need to take a “steak day” which is a full day of consuming fluids throughout the day and then having a steak for dinner along with an apple or tomato. The following day on the scale should show that they are back within their 2 lb allotment.



Know the truth of Phen 375 with Customer’s Personal Reviews

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Finding The Right Cosmetic Surgeon

With most of the recent technological innovations in the field of surgery treatment, it’s become easier than ever for patients to attain the appearance they’ve always wanted. However, in the hands of the incorrect surgeon, plastic surgery can become an expensive, painful, and fruitless ordeal. But how do patients pick the surgeon that’s right for them? Fortunately, there are lots of steps patients can take to ensure that they choose the very best surgeon for their needs.

Board Certification

The first step patients should take whenever choosing their surgeon is to choose a doctor that is board-certified. This means that they’ve been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To be certified, the doctor involved must complete four years of pre-medical education in a college or university, a course of study resulting in an MD or DO degree from a qualified medical school, as well as 3-5 years of experience working full-time in an accredited residency training program. Additionally, he or she must pass a written and oral exam created and administered by the Board.

To stay certified, the doctor must stay on top of all of the latest and greatest technological advancements in their specialty practice, and demonstrate best practices for patient safety, communications, and ethics. Without board certification, a physician is not guaranteed to really have the technical skills to safely complete a precise procedure, which could lead to the in-patient suffering from ugly scarring, pain, or worse.

Patient Reviews

Board certification, however, is simply the bare minimum for choosing a surgeon. How can an individual know for certain that their doctor produces beautiful and natural results?

The Doctor

Once an individual has determined that the doctor she’s considering is board-certified and respected by previous patients, the in-patient needs to visit the doctor’s website, which will provide a host of useful resources, like the doctor’s resume and before-and-after photos of previous patients. Before-and-after photos are one of the best resources a prospective patient has-even if a physician is highly skilled, if the in-patient doesn’t like this doctor’s after photos, there could be an artistic disconnect involving the two. As a result, the in-patient might not be happy with the job the doctor does, mainly because that patient has different ideas of beauty.


Once the in-patient has taken these initial steps, she can arrange a consultation with the doctor she’s chosen. Even at that time, the in-patient should nevertheless be doing research, and talking to various doctors. While some doctors do charge a fee for the consultation, there are lots of that don’t, price shouldn’t be described as a factor whenever choosing a surgeon. Among the main things for patients to keep in mind is that there’s no such thing as discount buying surgery. Even when the in-patient manages to obtain what seems like a “good deal,” the long-term effects of cheap surgery can be devastating. The important thing for the in-patient to keep in mind is that surgery isn’t an everyday process, even when the process is elective. If you want a mommy makeover Phoenix Az is a great place to go.

ASMR Can Help You Get The Rest You Need

For any fitness enthusist, in order to achiev high standard goals, it requires working out 5-7 times per week. While some people do workout every single day, most people get a rest day. While I believe that a rest day is very smart and quite necessary in order to give your body time to recuperate, I don’t think a single rest day is enough for the week. Many people fail to realize that even though they took a rest day, that doesn’t mean their body is getting the rest it needs. It is also critically important that your body is getting a full night’s rest every night throughout the week. Many people will take a rest day but they are only getting 5 hours of sleep a night. Obviously that doesn’t work very well.

The issue is that some people either don’t have enough time in the day to sleep for 8 hours or they simply have a hard time falling asleep. Fortunately there are ways that you can get the sleep that you need for either situation. A great method for getting quality sleep for many people is asmr.

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Asmr for the newcomer may seem a little strange but once you give it a try and it works, you will be a convert for life. Asmr is a response that gives the back of your head and sometimes your neck and spine, a tingly pleasurable sensation. If you have had this before in your life, then you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t had it before, then it may be that you just haven’t had an experience that would give it to you or it could be that you just can’t get it. There are a lot of people who just don’t experience asmr.

For those of you who can experience asmr, you are lucky because it can help you get a quality night sleep, relax, relieve stress, and anxiety. If you would like to give asmr a try, simply go to youtube and type in the word asmr. You will find thousands of asmr videos. Here i an example of an asmr video below:

If you enjoy that video and would like to experience more asmr videos, there is a really cool site that has compiled a series of videos according to asmr triggers such as asmr tapping, scratching, or role plays. There is a great social resource about asmr on Pinterest and about asmr on Reddit.

Robby Robinson is Mr. Universe

Robby Robinson can be a living illustration of what efforts, determination and discipline are capable of doing to rework the life of an individual. He, also called “The Black Prince”, is a common figure in neuro-scientific bodybuilding and his awesome achievements in this area serves as a simply outstanding. This excellent man failed to wait for items to happen but he earned things happen in his life. Robby was born in May 24, 1946 in Damascus Georgia and the man was raised in Tallahassee Florida. During his start, his primary interest revolved around track & field and football and, later, he became an ardent fan of bodybuilding. He started training at twelve and he has won several recognitions and titles until he retired at the era of 54.

During 1970’s and 80’s, he was probably the most dominating body builders everywhere in the word and some of his achievements are the Mr. World, Mr. Universe and IFBB Mr. America titles. The transformation of Robby coming from a weight training professional to a common fitness trainer and expert was quite natural as he is really passionate about this profession. He does not believe in the theory that muscle building is founded on vanity and according to him person is gift from God that can be sculpted right into a great art work. If you want to accomplish this, you ought to feed and train one’s body properly.

Throughout his career, he was always called the most decorated muscle builder in the world. Jack La Lanne, ‘the Godfather of fitness’ inspired Robby since a child and yes it what food was in I975 that Joe Weider, a reputed Canadian bodybuilder took him to California where he soon started training with the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice California. Since then, he never looked back and, his successful career span centers on 27 glorious years. Even with this ages of 67, he trains hard sticking with the same volume of enthusiasm and keenness.

Robby Robinson has forever been renowned for his remarkable arm development. Many people point out that looking at his arms is a lot like considering a landscape of peaks, ridges, cuts and valleys. This legend won the IFBB Mr. America and Mr. World titles in I975 and in 1976, he won IFBB Mr. International and Mr. Universe titles also. He was the Mr. Olympia competition winner in 1977 and 1978 and, in 1980’s along with 90’s also, he’s got won many titles such as first ever IFBB Masters Mr. Olympia Championship (1994).

Many individuals call him up ‘the Bad Boy of Body building‘ as he spoke out concerning the corrupt practices existing inside the boxing community and the man made sincere efforts to produce weight lifters alert to the dangers of steroid abuse. This legendary weight trainer always encourages a healthy approach towards building one’s body and the man strongly believes that in order to build the ultimate art in bodybuilding, proper nutrition and training are the most useful option available. The success story of Robinson is definitely a motivating factor for a lot of bodybuilding aspirants and the man has not shown any desire not to share his weight training secrets with other folks also.

Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

Getting huge like Robby Robinson take a lot of time, proper technique, and tons of work. Another crucial aspect of bodybuilding is what your body is consuming in your daily diet. Supplements are essential for building large quantities of muscle mass. A very popular and safe product that helps build muscle mass is deer antler velvet extract spray. You can get deer antler velvet extract at

Samir Bannout’s Bodybuilding Routine

Professional bodybuilding may not be the identical without Samir Bannout. He, also referred to as the Lion of Lebanon, has set records and shaken the bodybuilding industry in such a way that others envy.

The 59-year-old has influenced the concept of bodybuilding by setting high standards. Very well-sculpted is his physique it assists in the naming of muscle tones including the Lebanon Cedar. Bannout, an old Lebanese native, has one of the most artistic, visually pleasing muscle definitions in professional bodybuilding.

The star discovered his passion to the art throughout his teen years. Initial success came when he won the 1974 Teenage Mr. Universe in Lebanon. Looking to scale to new heights, he decided to pursue work in bodybuilding in one of the most advanced countries on the globe, the USA.

After making Detroit, USA, his home, the bodybuilder labored to further improve his already well-defined physique. With commendable resilience and patience, he waited four years before entering and winning the Mr. Michigan competition in 1978. 12 months later, he won the very best in the World title. He place a firm foot on the path to a prosperous bodybuilding career by winning the planet Amateur Championship Light and Heavyweight Titles.

The titles earned him a professional-card and a chance to rub shoulders together with the best bodybuilders in the business. He officially launched his professional career in 1980, competing in over 10 events between 1980 and 1983 however, not experiencing this success he expected. Bannout barely managed 4th devote the 1980 Grand Prix California. His diligence and perseverance finally repaid as he secured the crown of bodybuilding titles, Mr. Olympia, in 1983. The trophy that year was called the Sandow, honoring 19th century German Bodybuilding pioneer, Eugen Sandow.

Bannout has experienced rises and falls since his big win in 1983. He went on to participate in smaller scale events and just emerged in 9th place whilst competed again in the Mr. Olympia competition of 1989. After much effort, He was finally placed first within the Pittsburgh Pro competition of 1990.

However this stellar career has become fraught with controversy. The IFBB suspended him for several years for participating on the planet championships of an rival federation, the WABBA. He is acknowledged for his fiery temperament. The feisty bodybuilder continues to be frank about using steroids to define his muscles and lessen catabolic effect.

Though his path has not been smooth, Bannout makes a certain improvement in area of. The muscles definition in their spine region helps shape and name the Lebanon Cedar, a muscle common in bodybuilding. Apart from winning professional titles and assisting to name important muscle definitions, the bodybuilder has produced waves in bodybuilding in other ways. A business owner, he could be the President and CEO of Bannout Nutrition. His company wishes to enlighten consumers with trustworthy products consisting of enough unprocessed trash. Bannout feels that innovative products available on the market miss.

Knowing that, Bannout Nutrition is rolling out an efficient formula for shedding fat. Send out Trim Cream is really a topical cream that removes troublesome parts of fat round the body. It is usually when creating anti-aging products which revitalize sagging skin.

With professional success and a company under his belt, the Lion of Lebanon can be an inspiration inside the fitness industry. He is constantly motivate others together with his insights into nutrition and bodybuilding.

Secrets of Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov is amongst the greatest bodybuilders on the globe. He could be 27 a few years emanates from Sofia, Bulgaria. He currently is 88 kg (195 lbs) and is also 6 ft tall. He’s got always had the guts to become bodybuilder and guys like Jean-Claude Van Damme was someone he really admired as a kid. Shortly later he began weight lifting and at the same time, he was practicing in basketball for a length of 8 years. Throughout his basketball career, he’d have two basketball workouts each day and a weight workout in-between the two basketball workouts. He retired from basketball for good in 2005 because of a knee injury and began emphasizing his bodybuilding from 2006 onwards.

Since Lazar Angelov has accomplished his goal in bodybuilding and is probably the most well-known and successful bodybuilders, he set a target of advertising fitness worldwide and that he wants to help make the standard of the male body to get a fitness model physique.

Getting to the point he is now has not been an easy thing and one of several challenges that Lazar Angelov has faced on his journey to become great bodybuilder was his out of shape form he was in after retiring from professional basketball and becoming into the army. Another obstacle was the possible lack of adequate finances which forced him to operate 2 jobs per day which left not much time for him to sort out as required and in addition left him very tired due lack of sufficient rest.

She has accomplished a good deal despite the challenges faced. Among his accomplishments is finishing 3rd from the National Championship for Classic Bodybuilding. Creating a body like the one he has now is also a great accomplishment for him as it requires considerable time, effort, persistence and discipline. Lazar Angelov is still effective out regularly so that you can maintain his current body form. Younger crowd has sponsorship contracts with Nike and Mutated Nation that they views being a great achievement. Lazar Angelov still maintains his strict schedule of workouts so that you can maintain his body.

With regards to workouts, Lazar Angelov does a lesser amount of cardio and much more of basic exercises and high lifting. He trains up to 5 times every week without particular care about time frame of the week. He rests while he feels like. Here is his workout schedule. The very first day of workout is centered on the chest area and abs. The second day’s workout is centered on the trunk and the traps. Third day of workout is dependent on forearms and abs. Your fourth day of workout is centered on the triceps and biceps along with the fifth day of workout is dependent on the legs and abs. His cardio workouts can go up to twenty minutes and basically involve sprinting or regular cardio.

His advice to those who wish to be similar to him shall be patient, consistent when it comes to training and diet and to never stop trying while bodybuilding.

Go here to learn more about Lazar Angelov.